Friday, July 21, 2017

five on friday

{1} Pool days! As part of our HOA, we have access to an amazing in-ground pool and kiddie pool. Now that we know Etta likes it, we've been heading over in the evenings after dinner as a family. It's an awesome way to break up the witching hour(s) that fall after dinner and spend time as a family. Plus, it's super refreshing on these 90-degree days.

{2} Happy baby. Etta's happiest place continues to be her high chair. The dinner she's wearing in this picture is black beans and rice. We realized Etta was getting sick of the same ole stuff we had been giving her so we are trying to mix it up a bit. Since she can't have dairy that can be a real challenge, so any and all baby-led weaning suggestions that are dairy-free are welcome!

{3} Edith's personality. This girl is always cracking us up. On this particular day, she was wearing a dress. My mom brought some new clothes for the kids and this outfit was one of the items, which Edith quickly insisted on wearing. As soon as she was dressed she had to test out the skirt with some twirls. Love her so much.

{4} Parades! Our town's homecoming parade was this week and the kids made out like bandits. Between the candy from the 4th of July parade and the candy they collected at this one, we are set until Halloween.

{5} Cedar Point. This weekend is my work's annual picnic at Cedar Point. My parents are watching Etta while we take Elden and Edith. I'm really excited because this year they are both tall enough to ride two of the 'big' rollercoasters and I know it's going to blow their minds. 

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

stitch fix box #1 review

I feel like I'm the last blogger alive to jump into the Stitch Fix craze. If you are unfamiliar, Stitch Fix is a subscription box service where you enter your clothing sizes, fill out a style questionnaire, and create a Pinterest board with styles that you like. A stylist will then use this information to send you five pieces of clothing. You try the clothes on, keep what you like and send back what you don't.

The main reason I hadn't jumped on board yet was because there is a $20 styling fee with each box. That being said, if you keep any items of clothing, that $20 is applied towards the cost of the clothes. Still, I wasn't willing to shell out $20 in the event I didn't like any items. As fate would have it, our cell phones are on the T-Mobile network, which does a promo called T-Mobile Tuesdays every week where you get free stuff just for being part of the network. A few Tuesdays ago, one of the freebies was a $25 credit for Stitch Fix, so I figured why not!?

My box came yesterday, and I have to admit... I was a little underwhelmed. This was somewhat surprising because every blog I read raves about the service!
I had requested mostly tops (I basically wear the same 3-4 shirts every week, and I have plenty of bottoms) and maybe a dress or accessory for Sally's wedding in the fall. My stylist sent me two tops, two dresses and one clutch. I loved the fit of the first shirt, but I wasn't knocked out about the pattern and it cost $58... which I just couldn't bring myself to spend. One of the dresses was knee length but I hated how it laid on my waist. The second dress was a faux wrap dress that seriously took me five minutes to figure out how to even wear it (it's hard to explain how a dress could be so complicated) and once I did wear it my goodies were hanging out in the front (not a dramatization, and truly a sight to behold). The clutch was cute, but I just don't use cute purses enough (function over form, I say). I ended up keeping the second shirt (below).
When you return your items, you provide feedback about why you didn't want to keep it--price, fit, style, etc. The thought is this will help your stylist pick out subsequent items for you and it will get better each time. I still have some credit left, so I'm going to give it one more shot to see if the second box is any better.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

edith at 2.75 years old

This morning while I was getting ready, Edith begged me to let her play with my makeup. I realized I absolutely wanted to remember this stage so here we are!
Edith cracks us up regularly. She is the most fearless/tough girly girl you will ever meet. Edith is constantly changing her outfit and greatly prefers dresses (or swimsuits) to any other form of clothing. Even though Edith is tough, she is also very empathetic. She was recently watching My Little Pony and in the episode one of the ponies' friends were acting like they didn't like her (they were planning her a surprise party) so she was sad, and Edith legit started to cry. It was so sweet and heartbreaking!
Edith is really intelligent and that has come back to bite us in the butt. She loves to swim. She sings herself to sleep. She is easily my worst eater in the sense that she eats like a bird, but she is also much more willing to try new things. Edith has requested a Disney princess party for her 3rd birthday and that came as 0 surprise since she lives in her dress-up costumes. She is also my little hoarder...she loves to tuck a billion random objects into purses, buckets, lunch boxes, etc. and cart them around. She loves to play kitchen so if we are able to find all her play food (which is hidden among her many purses and containers) she will happily 'cook' for you. I love her so much!

Monday, July 17, 2017


Oh Monday, we meet again.

This weekend was wonderful and full of firsts for Etta! Friday evening was hotter than we expected. After dinner, we decided to head to our neighborhood pool for a little bit. We hadn't taken Etta yet this year because she was just too little. As always, Elden and Edith were little fish... and so was Etta! She loved it and ended up being in the water for about 45 minutes. Jon ultimately left with her because it was time for her bath, but Elden and Edith wanted to keep swimming. No one else was at the pool so I let the kids take off their puddle jumpers and jump off the diving board to me. They loved it. Once we headed home and got the kids in bed, I met up with one of my besties, Alli, for a late dinner.

It was so wonderful catching up and eating delicious food! Alli and I have been friends since 9th grade and always have fun together.


At the beginning of my last PPD episode, we had been driving around because I wasn't really functioning and stumbled across this beach. We let the kids play for about 10 minutes before we had to leave for Etta's bedtime, but promised we would bring them back. So when a friend invited us to go on Saturday morning, we were all in! We packed a picnic lunch and ended up staying for about 2.5 hours. Once again, the kids were in heaven. Etta also loved her first beach experience!

During the kids' naps that afternoon, Jon and his dad went to pick up a new mattress for Edith. That meant her old mattress found its way to her bedroom floor (this is relevant later). After naps, my mom came by. She surprised the kids with these baby hatching chicks and they were a HUGE hit. They've played with them every day since for a substantial amount of time. She also made dirt cups with them.

Since there was a spare mattress in Edith's room, we decided to let the kids attempt a sleepover Saturday night. We fully expected to have to separate them before 9 pm, but they miraculously went to sleep (after Jon laid down the law) and slept through the night! 
Elden begged us for another sleepover last night, but we told him he needed to sleep in his room (they did stay up later than usual and were both pretty cranky on Sunday). I told him if he is a good listener today I will consider letting him sleep in there again tonight. I think bunk beds might be in our future...


Sunday morning was church. Jon mowed the lawn while I napped during the kids' naps. After dinner, Jon's parents came by so he and his dad could go for a bike ride and his mom played with Elden and Edith while I did Etta's nighttime routine. Overall, it was just a perfect weekend--plenty of fun activities but not non-stop running around. I would be happy if every weekend was like that!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

what's hap-pining wednesday

As I'm sure you all know, yesterday was free Chick-fil-a day! We have gone every year since Elden was born and even though Jon is a vegan now that didn't stop the rest of us from enjoying some free chicken. ;)
Can we please talk for a second about my 8-month-old? I got Etta the 6 piece grilled nugget meal (since she can't have dairy) with fruit. This child ate 5/6 of the chicken nuggets and all but two strawberries. She could have kept going, too, but I thought there was no way in heck she needed to eat that much. She ate more than Edith! Etta also did her happy dance in the high chair the entire time she was eating so I'm pretty sure she was a fan.
Can we also talk about how Edith has been challenging us in new and exciting (<- sarcasm font) ways? The bigs finished eating much quicker than Etta so Jon went with them in the play area. They got a solid 20-25 minutes of playing in before Etta was done. When it was time to go, Edith scurried up into the play structure and said "I'm not going." I tried all old threats that typically work (I won't lay with you before bed tonight, no TV, no treats) and to each threat she responded, "that's okay!" quite cheerfully. Finally I told her we would leave her there. I took Elden and Etta to the car and Jon left the room the play structure was in and hid behind a beam so she couldn't see him but he could peek in. Edith eventually lost her mind and started to cry and Jon was able to get her to come down. I'm guessing she's scarred for life and she had an early bath, no TV, no milkshake, and I didn't lay with her. It was a rough night for her. I just don't get it! Elden is always relatively easily persuaded with our threats and I can't remember him challenging us quite like that before. She's going to be trouble...

Speaking of Edith, that bug bite got worse. The pediatrician Jon took her to (not our normal one as he had no openings) said she thought it was consistent with a histamine reaction and not a tick bite. But then on Monday night the redness was spreading. Bust out the Sharpie...
Thankfully, it was less red and covered less area as of yesterday so I think she's on the up and up. Poor thing is apparently just crazy allergic to mosquito bites. We will be diligent with bug spray henceforth.

Finally, these are three products I am loving lately:

To be perfectly honest, I could take or leave the mascara. It doesn't clump but I don't necessarily think it make my lashes voluptuous either. Butttt it was on clearance for $2 and I had a gift card so... #priorities. These three makeup items are basically all I wear (unless I'm going to a special event) and therefore it takes about 45 seconds to do my makeup every morning.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

weekend recap

This weekend we had perfect weather and plenty of time to just lay low and relax!


We spent the evening at my parent's house to celebrate my sister! She just started a new journey as a travel CRNA and moved to New York, so that was our last big family dinner before she left. The kids played outside with water balloons and unfortunately Edith got a nasty bug bite. Thankfully, we are friends with a pediatrician who works with our pediatrician so he looked at it at church yesterday. He recommended we take her to be seen because the bite looks like something that can be associated with a tick. Jon is taking her in today and we are praying it's nothing serious!


We laid low on Saturday, and after a busy week of 4th of July festivities it was much needed. One of Elden's friends from school came to our pool with his mom in the early afternoon for a play date. We ended up staying for about two hours and the kids had a blast! 


Jon ran sound for church on Sunday so he had to leave by 7 am. That meant I needed to wrangle the kids solo. The last time this happened was when I was two days into my really bad postpartum depression episode. The difference between those two Sundays was thankfully like night and day! I didn't cry once, I was able to get everyone fed, napped (Etta), and things packed to take with us to church. After church, we headed home for lunch and naps/quiet time. I ended up making this soup for dinner and it did not disappoint! I like to make soup on weekends because it reheats really well for my lunches at work for the week. 
After dinner, Jon played water balloons with Elden and Edith while Etta and I hung out inside. At one point we took a little walk around our front garden where the borage re-seeded itself like crazy this year and watched all the honeybees and bumblebees make their way to every flower. Once the kids were bathed and in bed I binge-watched five episodes of Friends on Netflix while Jon went for a bike ride. It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

etta (33 weeks old)

At 33 weeks old, Etta is sitting up on her own now. She doesn't show much of an interest in crawling and when you try to show her how she cracks up. Etta is primarily in 12 month clothes and some of those are getting a bit snug. She still loves food! I'm not sure whether I mentioned it, but she has the same allergy that Elden had as a baby, except instead of rice, her allergy is to dairy. As such, she's on soy formula. Thankfully, Aldi has soy formula for half the price as all the other brands so it hasn't broken the bank! Etta still has no teeth, but to be perfectly honest I am soaking up every second of her gummy smiles and don't mind the lack of chompers one bit. She does a happy dance when you sing to her, even if she is grouchy. Etta brings such joy!