Sunday, January 30, 2011

a first rate soup is better than a second rate painting

With my insane work and class schedule, I barely get to see Jon. Last semester he was taking night classes and I was working days, so it was very similar, but this semester is just so much more stressful. Weekends are really the only quality time we have and with the vast amount of homework we both have assigned our "quality time" has quickly morphed into "quality homework time." Today, though, was a slight exception! In addition to our standard 3-day marathon of homework assignments locked in our living room, we got to go to the Cleveland Museum of Art for Jon's Art History class. I was amazed at the size, architecture, and content of this museum - it was huge and fancy, with art ranging from European to ancient Near-East to Modernism ... and admission was free! Unfortunately, due to the huge number of assignments I still have yet to complete this weekend we could only browse for a little over an hour. We definitely plan on going back this summer when our schedules are less insane so that we can take a full day to really enjoy everything the museum has to offer.

After the museum we decided to stop at one of our favorite guilty pleasures, Olive Garden. We had received a gift card from my grandma for Christmas and were saving it for a special occasion, so we figured we would make a date out of it. We both got soup & salad--Jon, because he loves their chicken gnocchi soup, and me because I'm on Weight Watchers and their Minestrone is surprisingly healthy (ish). It was delish and gave us some much needed personal quality time. As I write this my darling husband has left for the grocery store so I can catch up on some of my work. Once he comes home I get to have a marathon food cooking session to prepare our fridge for the coming week. Is it May yet?

Photo Credit: CopyKat

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