Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the attention-craving baby... sometimes

I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep for a few days now. A few nights ago it was because I stayed up for the Super Bowl, last night I just tossed and turned all night. At one point early this morning (think 4 am) I had I dream that I was meeting with a house inspector who was going to tell us the condition of an apartment we're actually checking out today.

Well, by that time, little Miss Marsala decided she needed attention. Lots of attention. Right now. Here's the thing about our baby: she craves attention, but only when it's inconvenient for us. When we want to shower her with affection she wants nothing to do with it. Often, she will decide she is ready for love between 4-5 am. How does she capture our attention? She walks right up to your face and stares at you while you're asleep. Didn't work? She will put her face right next to ours so that her whiskers tickle our cheeks. It is so. annoying.

So anyway, she was crawling all over me and meowing, all while I continued to half-dream. At one point when I was laying on my back, she was laying across my shoulder, cheek to cheek with my face. Literally her cheek pressed against mine, facing the same direction as my face. And all I could think was Stop it, Marsala. I have to listen to the inspector. Is this what it feels like to have children?

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