Wednesday, February 16, 2011

be still and know that they won't lie to you

Today I rediscovered one of my favorite bands: Underoath. Many of you have heard of them and those that you haven't will probably wish you never had if you listen to a few of their songs (I'm looking at you, Dad, who always mocked the screamo music I listened to in the car with you and would ask every. single. time. how they didn't have laryngitis).

Underoath has always been close to my heart and I am particularly fond of their Lost in the Sound of Separation album.Their lyrics are just so raw and resonate with (in my opinion) my [Christian] generation... especially those of us who have found ourselves at a crossroads where we just didn't know what we believed. Let's be honest: attending a secular school with all of this evidence of evolution being thrown at you, it's easy to step back and question everything you were brought up believing. It's easy to get lost in the sound of separation (ha).

I'm not entirely fond of the screaming that goes down in Underoath's albums, but the catchy lyrics, melodic guitar riffs, and soothing sound of the lead singer's voice when he is actually singing mesmerizes me. In light of some stuff that went down during my middle school years, I have failed to doubt the existence of my Creator since 8th grade. That doesn't mean I don't step back often and notice all of my failures and shortcomings, especially for someone who claims to know Christ. I am consistently being renewed and most of the time I really try be better. To do better. This is one of those times. Let's hope this mentality sticks.

Write down my thoughts and read me my rights
Repeat, repeat, repent and repeat
The cycle never really ends
Til they admit that it's real
Everything, everything is leaving me wondering
I hate that I'm questioning everything, everything
This is how it seems to me
I've drowned myself in self-regret
This is how I wanna be
This can't be how I wanna be
This is spinning perfect little circles
And that's all that they know

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