Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the food aversion

I have several food aversions for several reasons. Most of my food aversions are probably based on texture, color, or scent, and not so much flavor. I'm one of those weird types of people. Some of my food aversions:

Two words: fish sticks.

Anything seafood makes me nauseous
One of Jon's favorite lunch "meats". Can't stand the sight.
On this topic, yesterday in class I was particularly tired so I opted to buy a medium non-fat latte. It was a great decision at first, but by the time I finished it I felt completely nauseous.

Here's the thing about my body: I am always nauseous (generally speaking) and my nausea can be attributed to:
-being hungry
-eating too late in the day
-eating too much
-being stressed
-being anxious
-being excited

Therefore, it is really hard for me to discern what the cause may be. Well, the nausea lasted well through the night, waking me up a couple of times (to the point where I had trash can in hand, ready to blow). It also continued through my insane 1.5 hour commute today to right now. Every time I type the word 'latte' I gag. I'm not sure if I'm suddenly lactose intolerant (it just feels like none of the latte has been digested; it feels like it's just hanging out in my belly!) or if my body is just not used to so much dairy since I began dieting. Either way, I have a new item to add to my food aversion list:


  1. oh poop. I'm sorry, D. And I was the one who told you to get it! :(

  2. DANIELLE!! long time no see! i just happened to see your blog on facebook..being nauseous is no fun :( try eating more fruit & veggies and less dairy...a lot of adults start becoming intolerant to dairy. we actually lose over 90% of the dairy-digesting-enzyme by the time we are 4 years old. also, try drinking more water and less pops/processed juices :) take care! xoxo

  3. you know..... someone's going to say it so it might as well be me. Are you pregnant?? lol