Thursday, February 10, 2011

honeymoons don't last forever

All of this cold, snowy weather and anxiety from school and apartment hunting has led me to one conclusion: Can we please go back to our honeymoon again? Okay, more a question than a conclusion, but humor me.

For our honeymoon, Jon and I drove to Chincoteague, VA and stayed at the cutest bed & breakfast I think I've ever seen. It was called The Garden and Sea Inn and couldn't have been more perfect for our, ahem, purposes. The suite we stayed in had a private entrance and a private bathroom, so we were able to experience the first few days as husband and wife without hearing someone in the room over or feeling like someone in the room over was listening to us.
The bed portion of the room
Not to mention the breakfast part of the bed and breakfast was hands down the most delicious breakfast I think I've ever had. The innkeepers are a German husband and wife duo and exceptionally friendly. It was the wife who prepared our breakfast in the morning. All breakfasts included a buffet of fruit, cereal, granola, yogurt, milk, juice, and coffee, as well as one hot entrée every morning. The first day it was blueberry pancakes (made from scratch) with fresh bacon (I'm talking real, thick, melt-in-your-mouth bacon). Our second morning the entrée was a feta omelet with sausage links. The final morning was a stuffed peach French toast. I nearly forgot! Every morning she also had a different homemade bread as the "second course." Now, for those of you who know me, I'm a total foodie... and for those of you that didn't know, I think it is now apparent.
The dining room at the B&B
The moral of the story is those first three full days as husband and wife were amazing. We explored the beach, saw dolphins, wild ponies, and a variety of other wildlife.
Riding around the island
We explored old libraries,

rented a tandem bike (cheesy but so cute... this was Jon's favorite part of the honeymoon),

and stayed up late talking. It was an incredible experience and I get sad when I realize we will never have a 'first three days as husband and wife' again. I just want to run away to Chincoteague with Jon and not have to think about my medical device quiz on Tuesday or the fact that we still aren't quite sure where we'll be living come April 1. I want a vacation with my honey!

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  1. If you survived a tandem bike, you can survive marriage (or that's what I hear anyway) ;)