Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ice, ice baby

Last night we got hit with the first phase of Snowpocalpyse 2011. We persuaded our professors to let us out early (and he thankfully obliged) because by the time I left campus around 7:15 there was already a nice coating of freezing rain on the ground.

During my drive home I saw what I thought was lightning. It only took about 5-10 more bright blue flashes to realize it was some type of electrical device (my guess is a transformer) exploding under the conditions.

By the time I made it home my university had cancelled all classes beginning at 8 pm last night and all classes today (win!). My boss texted us telling us to use our heads in the morning because of how bad the roads were last night.

Well, when i woke up this morning the main roads/highways are "slick but passable." I decided to give it a go and head in this morning. But then, when I got outside if my apartment, I was greeted by this:

Pure ice from our building door to our garage, which is 5 garages over from this one. And no railing.
I suppose my inability to safely access my vehicle (that garage that is open - not mine. Our neighbor got stranded attempting to access that garage in her attempt to get to work so I had to walk in the snow to the end of the sidewalk and extend her a hand) is for the best: even though it is above 40 degrees right now it is supposed to drop below freezing again within the next 2 hours and we will get a "flash freeze" that will make the roads "treacherous".

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