Thursday, February 17, 2011

an indian summer in the middle of winter

There is something about arriving at work when it's actually daylight and highs in the 50s in the middle of February that is just good for the soul. Yesterday I actually took a lunch break and spent my 30 minutes sitting in the sun, soaking in every moment while the temperatures stay this way... because sure enough, come Saturday, we drop back into the 30s. I fully intend on taking a lunch break today, too. Hopefully the 5-day forecast stays this way because Jon and I are moving some items into our new apartment over the coming days and it would be lovely to do so without the need for mittens.

Spring is on its way (regardless of whether it takes another 1-3 months to get here) and I am ever so anxiously awaiting its arrival! Do me a favor - get off your computer and go outside!

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