Monday, February 21, 2011

one of those parents

Our Sunday school class recently spent several weeks discussing parenting Biblically. Jon and I are the only married-without-children couple in the class, but we approached these Sundays as a great learning tool/forum to address how we intend to parent... one day.

And it quickly became very clear to us that our children are going to be known as those children in the church. You know, the kids that no other parent wants their kids to be friends with. Apparently Jon and I have a pretty radical parenting perspective.

One of our biggest action items as parents is to not forbid our kids from being friends with nonbelievers. Jon and I firmly believe that 99.9% of evangelism is ineffective if one does not have a personal relationship with the person they are evangelizing to. What better way for our kids to spread the Word than by being friends with children who are previously unexposed to it?

Furthermore, once our children are old enough to stay home alone, we will give them the choice about whether or not they want to continue attending church. We desperately want them to have a personal relationship with Christ, but the reality is God gave each and every one of us a choice. Who, as mere human parents, are we to challenge God's will? We will do everything we can to guide them, but the only way for them to develop a sustained relationship with God is for them to make that decision on their own.

Finally, we will not force them to wear certain clothes. Obviously we will have an overall say in how they dress--I am not letting my daughters out of the house with half of their boobs hanging out or my sons with underpants falling over the top of their jeans--but within reason they will have free range. After all, Jon and I both grew up naked the first half of our lives (who likes clothes, anyway?) and I had a mother who let me go to Christmas Eve service at church dressed like this:
Gram gave me this as an early Christmas present. Princess Jasmine.
I know our parenting style will change when we actually become parents. I also know parenting depends on the personality of the children. My mom said it is always easy to say what kind of parent you'll be before you actually become one. She's probably right. Time will tell... eventually.


  1. I miss you and I give you a high five right now.

  2. you guys will make amazing parents and i am so excited for when that happens! thanks for being friends with me no matter my beliefs. i love you both!<3 tessa