Monday, February 14, 2011

we loved with a love that was more than love

Two years ago today, Jon popped the question. I'm guessing some of you ladies are gasping in horror and remarking how cheesy that is, but you don't know my Jon. I would expect no less from him - he is a true romantic and I like Valentine's Day! I think it is a good way to remind couples that they need to really be grateful for what they have in their partner. I can enjoy Valentine's Day without making a huge deal out of it. In fact, Jon and I forgot today was Valentine's Day (we celebrated a week ago as a combined celebration for our 4 year dating anniversary) until we saw someone's Facebook status about it this morning.

Anyway, our friends Heather and Paul were in town since at that time we both lived in Chicago. On Valentine's Day, Paul and Jon went to go buy Paul jeans, so Heather and I headed over to Molly's Cupcakes for a girl date. We spent a good three hours there catching up over some very delicious cupcakes. When we arrived back at Jon's apartment, Heather turned on the light. I noticed Paul hiding on the floor under a blanket. He promptly made his signature facial expression, clicked a button, and all the regular lighting turned into black lighting. There was Jon with a goofy/nervous grin and a shirt that said WILL YOU on it. He quickly tore that one off and another one was on underneath that said MARRY ME? I freaked out. I'm not sure if I actually said yes. I think I nodded my head excitedly. To make matters even more wonderful, Jon had remembered back in the day when I made a remark that I would love to have my wedding proposal on tape one day so I would always have a visual reminder of the moment. He remembered:

Video can also be seen on my actual Youtube page (here). Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That video is awesome! I LOVE all those questions you ask him!!

    1. Thanks! Prior to getting engaged I would obsess over proposal videos on Youtube so Jon knew how much I'd adore our own video!