Wednesday, March 2, 2011

adventure nostalgia

I haven't traveled to many places in my lifetime, especially out west. The only time my family went that way was when my dad had a photography conference in Las Vegas. I was probably about 6 or 7, so as you can suspect, there wasn't exactly a lot for me to do out there.

Backstory: in March of my senior year of high school, Jon moved to Arizona for about 8 months to complete an audio recording program at The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe. Those 8 months were easily some of the most difficult of our relationship, especially considering while Jon was in Arizona I moved to Chicago for school. Luckily, he managed to swing an audio internship in the Windy City so we could be reunited in November... just in time for his birthday! Glorious.

Anyway, during one of my 3 visits to Arizona (I was a very spoiled girl), we elected to drive to San Diego to go to the zoo and stay with Jon's cousin, Chris. Because, you know, 19-year-old logic states San Diego is only a few hours from Tempe.

We couldn't leave until after 7 pm (when Jon's class ended) so I drove from his apartment to school to get him at the conclusion of the day. It was horrifying. I never want to drive in an unknown city like Tempe alone again. I miraculously made it to his school in one piece and we began our journey.

Here's the problem: when you put me in a situation where I am riding in a car, and it is 90+ degrees outside, and it is after 4 pm, I can and will fall asleep, no questions asked. In fact, this effect is so great I often cannot overcome it.

So here we are driving through the desert, right next to the US/Mexico border, in complete darkness save the occasional border security checkpoint or random prison. We didn't realize we were close to Mexico until we saw a sign that read, "MEXICO: NEXT RIGHT" (at which point Jon began to freak out and yell, "BUT I DON'T WANT TO GO TO MEXICO!!!!" over and over again). At another point while I was passed out, Jon woke me because we were driving through the creepiest little town we've ever seen. Everything was spaceship themed. The McDonalds, the motel. And there were absolutely no. visible. people. around. I shudder at the thought.

We finally made it to San Diego and crashed for the night. I don't know how I continued to sleep through the whole night because I think I slept the entire 4.5 hour trip. We embarked on our journey to the zoo first thing the next morning. On our way there, the car broke down. Well, the tire more or less fell off without falling off. This was divine intervention, though, because had we broken down in the desert (or that creepy alien town) I think we would have been murdered or abducted. Plus, Chris happened to be an airplane mechanic in the air force so we got towed to base (what what Triple-A!) where he and his buddies fixed our ride. And we still managed to make it to the zoo:

Check out that mane!!
I'm hoping we will have plenty more adventures like this throughout our marriage because I think we could both benefit from some excitement in our lives. This work/school routine is wearing on us!

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  1. This is my first visit to your blog and my first reaction is I LOVE IT.
    I love the owls. i love the green. and i love the title (which I was drawn to before clicking in) and I love the font of the title.
    So I don't know if this just fell together for you or if you spent lots of time figuring out what you liked best, but it looks great. Way to go. Now I'm going to check out the content. Hopefully I'll fall in love with that too. :)