Saturday, March 5, 2011

fellowship & adorable kids

Today we were fortunate enough to have a half-day of recreational fun. I'm still astonished as I write that, shocked by our elusive fortune. But before I get to that...

Last night after work I had to run to campus to get some help on a homework assignment that's due Monday. By the time I got out of downtown it was nearly 5:15. Once I got home Jon and I ate (Greek chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans) only to rush around the apartment packing more items. Jon's dad came over to help us load up some cars and then we headed over to the new place. I proceeded to unpack our boxes while Jon's dad showed him how to install light fixtures. It was nearly 9 by the time we left. Exhausted barely describes how I felt once we got home.

This morning we had the privilege of sharing breakfast with our friends Heather and Paul who are probably less than 3 weeks away from having their first baby. It was a great time of fellowship and some much needed laughter. We even managed to convince our friend Natalie to let us drop in on her and her two beautiful daughters for a little bit to continue the laughter. The highlight of that was when Brooke, who is 2, asked Paul if she could see his belly. When he showed it to her she yelled, "EWWWW!" So. perfect.

Unfortunately our fellowship had to come to an end because Jon and I have more homework than usual this weekend. I found time to write this entry because I am stuck and awaiting email guidance from my professor in order to finish this assignment off. While waiting for her response I get to pack more boxes. I am so, so, SO tired of boxes and packing and running up and down several flights of stairs.

I'm hoping to post pictures of our new apartment once we've fully moved in, but in the meantime, a preview:

Our new kitchen, pre-move/pre-nesting

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