Sunday, March 13, 2011

only hearts can build a home

I am pleased to report that our move went incredibly smoothly, despite a last-ditch attempt by mother nature to ruin everything. We have, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, the most wonderful friends and family we could ever ask for. Lots of heart went into this move and we appreciate every ounce of it.

Despite getting about 10" of snow in less than 24 hours from Thursday-Friday, Saturday ended up rounding highs out in the 50's with plenty of sunshine. We got the truck around 8:30 and slowly began migrating stuff onto it (since we told everyone we wouldn't have it until an hour later our first hour was very slow). By 10 we had pretty much loaded up everything and the caravan headed over to the new apartment.

Once we arrived, Heather and I ran out to get pizza for everyone. By the time we got back, the whole truck had basically been unloaded. I was [happily] stunned. Furthermore, while the men (my dad, Jon's dad, Uncle Mark, Marc, Paul, and Jon) were unloading, my mom and Heather were inside organizing. This made my job a million times easier. We've started to settle in and make this our home, but there is still a lot of work (read: pictures and clocks to be hung) til it's complete.

Authentic "lived-in" kitchen: I baked pumpkin cookies there today
Our authentic retro bathroom
Our messy dining room with a huge bunch of bananas we bought for $1.30 at Walmart today

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