Tuesday, March 15, 2011

your fireproof heart was never wasted

Consider this a 9-day belated ode to sisterhood to mark the anniversary of my sister's birth (9 days ago).

Jacqui is 3.5 years (4 school years) my senior. She also exhibits a fierce independence, ability to speak her mind and hold her own against pretty much everyone that I greatly admire. Apparently, the first words out of her mouth when seeing me in the hospital were "she has chimpanzee feet." It was all downhill from there. For the first half of my life I annoyed the snot out of her. That saying imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Not to 13-year-old Jacqui. I spent a good portion of my childhood trying to be just like her: acting like her, ordering the same food at restaurants, etc. She loathed it. My guess is I secretly knew it drove her nuts and it was part of my master plan to rule the world.

We got to play with a baby snow leopard
As we got older and she moved out (and then I moved out) our relationship changed drastically. I guess us not being stuck around each other all the time did wonders for our nerves. Our relationship has grown and while we still have the uncanny ability to get under each other's skin without really trying, lately I've noticed these times are few and far between. I was blessed to have a big sister who, despite years of torture with the nickname she gave me ("Nerdbird"), actually had my best interest at heart, protecting me from so much evil in this broken world.

So as I continue to "grow up" I will continue to admire my big sister, just in a form that is far less burdensome to her. I look forward to the day that Jon and I have children because I know they will have an aunt who will protect them just as fiercely as their mother will, and who will also probably spoil them rotten.

We gradually grew up. Oh wait?

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