Sunday, April 17, 2011


This post may not be for the faint of heart, but I assure you it's nothing too graphic. I think I have some sort of a stomach bug. Last night I couldn't fall asleep due to an awful stomach ache and then I finally got up.  As I stumbled through the dark (a precarious situation to be in with all the sharp corners in our room and my uncanny ability to bump into anything and everything) towards the bathroom Jon called out into the darkness, "Marc??" me: "No it's me and I think I'm gonna puke!!" Apparently, Jon was still in a deep sleep (and dreaming about his brother) because he didn't stir more than a second and left me to my own pathetic night on the bathroom floor.

I was 100% convinced I would throw up. Nay, I was praying I would throw up just so that I could have a momentary relief of the awful nausea I was experiencing. It got so bad, in fact, that I turned to my worst enemy... twice:

After the first swig I found temporary relief. I crawled back into bed around midnight only to awake 2 hours later with the same impending vomit-y feeling. After another desperate couple of hours on the floor I took dose numero dos. It eventually kicked in and I crawled my way back into bed.

I took my temperature several times throughout the night. It never crept up past that infamous boy band [98 degrees]. I felt clammy all night (and for the entirety of today). I was able to eat all necessary meals today and the nausea has somewhat subsided. I'm definitely not 100% yet though. And attempting to study for an exam all day under fatigued/nauseous circumstances was not easy. I'm praying for a miracle on this test tomorrow...

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