Wednesday, April 27, 2011

things i did this week

It's been a very productive week (1). I went to the computer lab yesterday when my first class got cancelled and won a free computer (2)! In addition to hiring a housekeeper (3) and a personal chef (4), I found time to jog fifteen miles without warming up (5). My car has been running wonderfully (6), even remaining full on gas despite my 66-mile round-trip commute each day (7). I found out I got an A on my last tissue engineering exam (8) and my business paper is coming together fantastically (9). Work is running smoothly (10) and Jon and I get to spend all weekend together (11).

1. I've been so stressed about needing to be productive that in actuality I have barely accomplished a thing.
2. The computer wouldn't let me log on. Once it did, it shut down in the middle of my assignment.
3. Me
4. Leftovers from Easter and a husband who packs my lunch
5. I got an exercise-induced cramp from walking from my car to my business class.
6. The muffler is rattling. I have to take it in on Friday.
7. I fill up every 3 days.
8. Actually, I failed. Big time. Thus blowing the only buffer grade I have in graduate school.
9. I have to come up with 2 more years worth of income and cash flow statements still.
10. Everything I need to do feels like it's going wrong.
11. Jon works every day this weekend and next weekend.

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