Saturday, May 14, 2011

allergic to exercise

Jon had previously knocked out 12 of our combined 500 miles. Today I decided I needed to get in on that action. Mind you, Jon has been working out since 2011 began and I haven't. As such, to hop on for a 12 mile ride would probably have killed me. Especially since whenever I walk long distances, bike, or run, my arms and legs get all red and REALLY itchy. I like to say I'm allergic to exercise. Today, we each rode 6 miles, bringing our combined total to 24 miles.

I helped Jon prepare my bike by getting grease on my leg.



Post-ride. I'm wiped; so out of shape.

Love that face (the "you're really tired after 6 miles?" face)
See? We're holding up on our end of the deal, chipping away mile by mile to reach our goal. Would you consider joining us to fight the good fight against human trafficking? If you feel compelled to give, please donate to Love146 here.

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