Sunday, May 15, 2011

dessert for dinner

After reading the Hendrick's post about the dirty cupcakes made in honor of their son's birthday, I had no choice but to drop everything and rush off to the grocery store.

The dessert staple of my youth (besides my family's red velvet cake recipe) is my mom's famed dirt cups. Whenever it was my birthday, I would request dirt cups as my snack to share with my class. And how I enjoyed sitting on the counter while my mom made them, licking the spatula at the first opportunity.

It's been years since I've had these, but the years of observing my mom actually stuck with me. I didn't even need to call her for a recipe! Just mix together a box of instant chocolate pudding with a tub of cool whip and grind up a package of Oreo (or in our case, generic) cookies and intermix! Jon's not home from work yet, but I have a feeling he'll relish in the whole dessert for dinner concept.
In other news, our bottled water recently grew whiskers:

I also forgot to mention that a good portion of the Cleveland State campus saw my underpants on Thursday when a big gust of wind came out of nowhere following my big medical device presentation and blew up my skirt. Jon says he bets it was Marilyn Monroe-esque. Anyone who knows how graceful I am probably realizes it wasn't.

Finally, would you *please* consider joining the Love146 fight against human trafficking by sponsoring our 500-mile goal here?

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