Friday, May 20, 2011


I have been insanely productive on this fine Friday!

From sweeping all non-carpeted floors (and mopping!) to vacuuming to preparing all sorts of dishes for tomorrow, I have officially run myself ragged.

Beer bread before

Beer bread after

Organized, swept, & mopped... finally, nearly 3 months post move-in

Swept, mopped, cleaned sink & toilet

Dusting & vacuuming galore

Various loads of laundry (such as the tablecloth)

This is batch 7 of dishes. SEVEN. Barf.
Not pictured: riding my bike to the grocery store to purchase cookies for dirt since we are still sans Jon's car, putting clothes away, cleaning Marsala's box, taking out lots of trash, and sweeping under our bed.

Where is a nap when a girl needs it?

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