Friday, May 6, 2011

the great conundrum

I love me some Aldi's. It's cheap, their produce is exactly the same as you'd get at Trader Joe's (fun fact: they're owned by the same company!), and they always have something unexpected. One of my most exciting finds was this little bugger:

So what's the problem? This delish bottle of sparkling water is crazy affordable and satisfies my sweet-tooth cravings when they strike. It's also black cherry (one of my favorite fruits); what's not to love!? What's not to love is the fact that my black cherry frut dazzle sparkling water beverage smells like ALMONDS. This has puzzled me since I opened my first bottle (which also, incidentally, exploded all. over. me) and the debate rages to this day. I think I need to add determining that source to my bucket list.

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