Thursday, May 26, 2011

stormy weather

I'm entirely exhausted on this grim Thursday.

Yesterday after work Jon and I were having a great time--dinner at Outback with a gift card we got for Christmas, dessert at Mary Coyle (I had a peanut butter/hot fudge sundae). As we sat on their patio enjoying our ice cream I noticed the leaves on the trees had overturned and mentioned to Jon a big storm was brewing. Ya'll probably think I'm crazy but I've noticed that right before a big storm the leaves on the trees turn over (probably a combo of wind/humidity) giving them a silvery look. Jon thought I was crazy the first time I told him this but he confirmed it last night.

About an hour after we got home I got a text from my sister that said, "you've got some nasty stuff headed your way." I called our car insurance company to confirm that we had hail coverage (we only have a 1-car garage). We did. Then I looked out the dining room window and saw this:
Not pictured: the neighbor kids standing in their front yard and pointing westward.
Not even 3 minutes after I snapped that picture (which, by the way, does not do justice to just how dark the sky was) a meteorologist interrupted our broadcast with, "well that happened fast--northern Summit county, you are now under a tornado warning. A funnel cloud has been spotted in the Hinckley/Bath area and you need to take cover." Like clockwork, the tornado sirens started blaring. For those of you not from northern Ohio, it's pretty rare to actually hear tornado sirens. Usually tornado watches and warnings don't evolve into anything requiring a siren here. So that creeped me out.

Jon and I rushed around to get our handy crank flashlights and the baby [Marsala] and rushed downstairs. We didn't have time to dig the baby's carrier out of the closet and she doesn't like to be held for long periods of time, so Jon grabbed our laundry basket and a blanket to make an impromptu carrier when we were down there. I've never seen wind so intense (there are some small windows that peer just above the ground in our basement) and trees so stressed. Within 15 minutes (and several concerned texts later) it seemed like the worst had passed. We went upstairs for the rest of the night. The tree in our front yard lost some branches but nothing else seemed to happen in our 'hood.

The tornado warning ended at 8. So why am I exhausted? I'm a light sleeper. And it thundered throughout the night. Prompting severe-weather-weary Danielle to wake up and check the National Weather Service website to make sure there weren't tornadoes coming. 

I'm just glad Jon was home because if he wasn't I would have had a major panic attack. They're calling for more severe weather tonight and I'm praying we don't have a repeat of yesterday...

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  1. scary! so glad you're ok. also glad to find your voice and pretty face here.

    i put your button up last week when blogger was wacked out, and the next day it was gone! i'll get it up again here soon:)