Sunday, May 22, 2011

love146 update

This Tread on Trafficking is grilling my tush. I am still so out of shape but working towards reaching our goal of 500 miles ridden for the months of May and June. The good news is Jon and I are 20% done with our bike goal! We're behind due to weather and not joining the fundraiser until mid-May, but we are working towards our goal the best we can.

We also have a goal to raise $2000 for Love146. Will you please consider supporting this amazing cause by donating here? Every little bit helps - think about something you may be able to sacrifice this week, such as your fancy coffee habit or that extra pair of shoes (or purse, or in Jon's case, bow tie) that you probably don't need or can put off a bit longer. Human trafficking is a huge concern in our world and we need to ban together to fight it because:

  • human trafficking generates $32 BILLION annually -- the 2nd most profitable crime in the world
  • there are an estimated 27 million people currently enslaved
  • 2 children are sold for sex every minute
  • there are over 1.2 million children trafficked every year
    • over 100,000 of these children are from the United States (so this isn't just a problem third world countries have)
For more information about the nature of human trafficking, visit Love146's site here.

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