Thursday, May 19, 2011

mo' money, mo' problems

Today was a rough day. First, the plans Jon and I made for a work conference/one year wedding anniversary celebration might not work out because it looks like I'll have to head to Toronto a day early--a day that Jon can't get off of work. Then Jon informed me that the super cute pair of black pants that I got on sale at Kohl's yesterday (and intended on wearing every day until they fall apart*) still had the security tag on them so I would need to drive the 25 minutes to Kohl's when I got home from work in order to render them wearable.

While discussing these misgivings, Jon observed (on his lunch break) that his car appeared to be leaking gas. So after dropping my carpool buddy off, I went straight to his work to leave my car and take his in. After dropping off his car at Firestone I walked home... and through a very muddy field. Thus dirtying my beautiful mock Rocketdogs.

After work I had wanted to go for a ride because for the first day in what seems like a month the weather was cooperating. But my bike is in the garage and the clicker to the garage is in Jon's car at the shop. And since I'm carless I can't go to Kohl's to get my pants taken care of. Mo' money, mo' problems, amiright?

In all reality, these issues are meaningless compared to the two children that are sold for sex every minute/the 1.2 million children that are sold annually. Will you please stand up with Jon and I against such an awful problem? You can help by donating here. Despite the awful weather, we have since ridden 63.61/500 miles!

*I had a pair of black H&M pants my freshman year of college. I wore them EVERYWHERE. EVERYDAY. Until they got a hole in the crotch. I have searched for their replacement for four years:
RIP black pants (although a rip is what ended our relationship)

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