Sunday, May 8, 2011

ode to my mom

Today for Mother's Day we hosted our parents and Jon's brother (and his fiancée) for brunch. I fully intended to take pictures of our (dare I say it) beautiful spread, but had totally forgotten until I had already cleaned up. Mini feta/ham quiche, strawberry croissant French toast, fruit and yogurt parfaits, bacon, and home-fries. It was a really nice time and Jon and I are grateful for our moms (and family).

Sister, Mom, & Me

I have an incredibly patient mom. I was always the one to push her boundaries: little sleep, always getting into things I shouldn't, then misbehaving until I evoked a negative response (only to suffocate her with apologies immediately after). I think I had some sort of weird need for attention from her--it didn't matter whether or not it was negative, as long as she knew I was there. I have yet to figure out the source for such a need and it probably took every ounce of self-restraint fathomable to keep herself from beating the snot out of me. I was bad.

When we had the flu, she'd open the sofa sleeper and stay downstairs on it with us all night to rub our backs as we got sick. If we wanted to go to a friend's house she'd find time in her day to take us. Our birthday parties were the coolest you could ever imagine. She went above and beyond most moms that I know and I was exceedingly blessed because of that. I genuinely hope that one day when I have kids of my own I can be half of the mom mine was.

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  1. Your mom has been an amazing wife as well. She is a rare person on this earth and I am blessed to have her as my wife, friend and confidante.