Tuesday, May 3, 2011

opposites attract?

In some regards, Jon and I are the same person. In most others, we are total opposites. The parallels even run through our families: I grew up with an older sister, Jon with an older brother. My mom and his dad have the same exact birthday (year & all). Our families our like mirror images of each other.

Apparently, Jon and I each spent the first decade of our lives basically naked. Uninhibited, we were free spirits that wouldn't be held back by clothes. I expect our kids to be naked until they're 20 as a result. We were both very active growing up--between the two of us, we've participated in the following activities: baseball/softball, basketball, track & field, soccer, swimming & diving, gymnastics, horseback riding, dance (I think you can tell the latter 3 were all Jon), music, choir, cycling, etc. We are two of the most stubborn people you will ever meet and we are very opinionated. And apparently we are both hams for the camera:

While we have some similarities, we are so different on most levels. Jon is a billion times more mellow than I am (surprised?) and, as I like to tell him, has no sense of urgency. If we're running late, Jon takes his time and I have a panic attack. In social situations, Jon's reserved and I'm in your face. Jon can study for 30 minutes for an exam and get an A, I study for a combined total of 26 hours and get a D. If I see something that needs done, I don't rest, whereas Jon can walk past it for weeks. It takes a lot to upset Jon, but an odd glance or a strange inflection in your voice when speaking to me is enough to resolve me to tears.That last one coupled with our mutual stubbornness can be a dangerous combination when we disagree. That was easily one of our biggest struggles when we first got married: finding the balance between our desire to be right and our desire to love our spouse.

Our parents have told us we complement each other well: Jon mellows me out and I push him to take care of the stuff he needs to in a timely fashion. I'm pretty sure the age-old adage that opposites attract had our relationship in mind when it was created.

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