Monday, May 2, 2011


I've always been a skeptic. In school, I often struggled with principles in my math and science classes because I wanted to know how and why, not just what I was being taught. I wanted the proof. I wanted to understand. Incidentally, I hated proofs in math class when they were assigned and I loathe derivations in science. But if you tell me something is true, I expect you to be able to back it up with some sort of reasoning or objective evidence.

Yes, I am a Republican. No, I am not a birther. BUT I simply don't believe bin Laden is dead. I'm not saying the White House is lying about this fact--I believe that they think they got the right guy. But since this just happened and reports are still fuzzy, currently the only thing I know in terms of how they identified him is "facial recognition." They may have used DNA evidence as well, but so far the only reported confirmation was facial recognition--if it was done by a person (as opposed to software) this would be subjective. Facial recognition is not a concrete science. Even the best object recognition software has flaws. And when they say he was shot in the head I can't imagine his face was entirely intact, depending on where the bullet entered/exited.

As such, I just don't buy it. The "facts" don't line up for me right now. How is it we had no idea (other than a general one) where bin Laden was for the past decade? And now, all of a sudden, he decided it was a great idea to hang out at his fancy digs in Pakistan, where we had also [relatively] recently began drone attacks not too long ago? The reality is, bin Laden is an incredibly intelligent man. It doesn't matter that he used his intelligence for evil, he was still smart. Hanging out at his luxurious estate in Pakistan just seems like too stupid of a move for him.

Plus, I recall there being reports back in the day that it is likely he has several look-alikes running around as decoys. Intelligence reports indicated that several people had even had plastic surgery to make their appearance similar to bin Laden's. It's all hearsay, but I wouldn't doubt it. Again, that's a pretty darn smart thing to do.

I truly hope that the government used something more than just "facial recognition." I truly hope they got the right guy. I'm just saying I don't buy it right now because that just seems too easy. I'm not saying they're lying, I'm just saying I'm weary that in the coming weeks we will find a new video featuring bin Laden and he will detail how the U.S. failed to kill him.

**UPDATE: I just heard on the news that DNA tests are indeed being conducted and results should be available within the next few days. I will remain a skeptic until we get those results, but I'm glad our officials were smart enough to not solely rely on facial recognition.

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