Thursday, May 5, 2011

weird dreams & heavier stuff

Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant, or at least I thought I was. Since I wasn't sure, Jon and I decided to head over to his parent's house to use the ultrasound machine they just so happened to have lying around. Further inspection inside my belly yielded not only a baby, but THREE babies inside my body. Even further inspection showed us that it appeared as though there were multiple other babies in my fallopian tubes and whatnot, just hanging out and waiting to head towards the uterus. I had lots of babies in there. That realization was accompanied by a dream panic attack. I would LOVE to have twins one day (knock 2/5 out for the price of 1) but the thought of any more than that at once is terrifying.

On to the heavier stuff. I think my dream was triggered by the "16 and Pregnant" episode I watched on MTV last night. It got me thinking a lot about teenage pregnancy. In this particular episode, the 16-year-old's school actually had a daycare on site. They even arranged for car seats on the school bus so the teen moms could bring their baby in for childcare. While the whole image of a baby on a school bus (and the mom getting a text in the middle of her history test that she needed to go to the nursery and breastfeed) was totally weird to me, I think that school is on to something. I understand exactly what the school is trying to accomplish. I am a pro-lifer and of the opinion that if you are old enough/mature enough/in a life position to have sex, you should be old enough/mature enough/in a life position to be able to have a baby. That may mean putting it up for adoption, but I do not think abortion is the right answer. In the case of the teen mom last night, her mom wanted her to get an abortion but she said no. I'd like to think that part of the reason she had her baby was because she had options--especially one to graduate high school.

Far too many of the teen moms on that show have been unable to graduate because of a lack of childcare. Why wouldn't a school want to provide the basis for its teen mothers to graduate? To try and break the statistical cycle that babies born to teen moms will often become teen moms themselves? That many teen moms are unable to graduate? I'm sure the ultraconservatives would entirely disagree with my stance and say that an in-school daycare would only encourage teens to have sex. I think that's a bit ridiculous and I think many of the [older] generation are completely out of touch with the reality of this world we live in. Many in the church could follow the school featured in last night's episode. I'm sure the administrators disagreed with the teen's decision to have completely unprotected sex, and I'm sure at least one teacher there disagrees with premarital sex. But they didn't judge the girls; instead, they offered them unconditional support, desiring what was best for their students. What a state our church would be in if we did the same for everyone whose lifestyles we didn't agree with! After all, we're all sinners ourselves, so who are we to pass judgement? I'm pretty sure teen moms realize the err of their ways and we don't need to chastise them for their mistakes. How would you feel if you were being rebuked in one of your most difficult times? You'd likely hate everything the rebuker stands for. As Christians, we are supposed to exemplify Christ's love. We should really start re-evaluating how we minister to those around us, how we act when a new [young] single mother shows up in our sanctuary for worship. We need to learn how to stop judging and start supporting. You can disagree with the decision(s) a person makes but still love that person for what God intended when He created them. What a beautiful place this world could be if more of us took that lesson to heart...

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