Monday, June 6, 2011


My handsome husband got me the cutest handmade paper flower earrings from Italy for our anniversary. He also framed the front page of the New York Times with our anniversary's date on it so we can look at it and be reminded of our "honeymoon stage" in the future.

Being the most awesome wife that I am, I got him a vintage Hamilton wrist watch (he had mentioned wanting one within the past few years).

After living for a year in a freezer I was far from optimistic.

But then I tasted it! DELISH! Chocolate cake with almond frosting.
This was actually my first taste of our wedding cake. The 2 weeks leading up to our wedding I had a horrible upper respiratory infection (which then made my asthma rear its ugly head). Then, 2 days before our wedding I found out I had strep. Needless to say I was exhausted on our wedding day and didn't have much of an appetite so I barely ate my dinner and let Jon eat my piece of cake.

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