Wednesday, June 1, 2011

energy bomb

I'm one of those people who can get 8 hours of solid, blissful sleep and still be overcome with drowsiness and exhaustion the next day. I've realized that whether I get 6 hours or 10, nothing leaves me satisfied for more than a few waking hours.

For example, last night I was completely wiped. I hadn't slept well the night before and work was insanely busy, so I was ready for bed by 8. Jon refused to go to bed with me until around 8:40 so I stayed up, but even at that point I don't think he realized that when I asked to go to bed I meant to go to bed (as opposed to talk for a while in bed like we normally do). So when I closed my eyes in the middle of his sentence he protested. I managed to stay up talking until about 9, at which point I declared my intentions. He protested again and said it was still light outside so I wasn't allowed to sleep yet. When that didn't work he crawled over onto my side of the bed in an attempt to thwart my comfort level.* Too tired to fight, I went with it. I don't remember falling asleep but I know it didn't take long to happen.

We woke up briefly at 3:30. I'm not exactly sure why. More than likely, something stirred one of us and that caused the other to wake. I got up and used the ladies room but didn't have an issue falling back asleep. Poor Jon ended up going out on the futon to watch tv at this point because he couldn't fall back asleep. I woke up to my alarm at 6 am feeling refreshed and wonderful. A feeling that had been elusive to me in the previous weeks.

How quickly things changed. 9 am rolled around and I started to drag. Caffeine became a necessity. Does anyone know what causes such a shift in energy? I ate breakfast, took my women's multivitamin, and drank lots of water. It doesn't make sense to me! I have always been slightly anemic so I'm not sure if that plays into it, but I'd like to think my vitamin contains enough iron to keep me rolling.

*We have a king bed comprised of 2 twin mattresses: his and hers (and his is much stiffer than hers... that's what she said)

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  1. Sometimes it's what you eat for breakfast that can make a difference in energy levels! Try sticking with fresh fruits, proteins, and/or complex carbs. If you eat things that are processed, or foods that have lots of dairy in them, you may get an 'energy high' for a few hours and then as soon as your sugar levels lower, you will feel tired again. Try drinking a lot of water, too :) Hope this helps!! xoxo