Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day

This morning we had breakfast in the Metroparks for Father's Day--something my dad has wanted to do for ages (so I'm told). Bacon, quiche, fruit salad, donuts, eggs, and homemade hashbrowns were on the menu and it was perfect picnicking weather. It was a fun time and I have since decided that Jon and I need to make our eggs over charcoal from now on.

After breakfast we headed to church with my parents. It was good to go to church again because we've been unable to attend for a few weeks due to traveling and other random commitments.

When church ended we headed over to Jon's parent's house where we went for a ride along the canal followed by incredible lunch consisting of spaghetti, salad, pizza, and some of Jon's mom's extra gnocchi in oil & garlic sauce. Nom!

We just managed to miss the rain with all of our festivities which was great. And now, the mushy stuff.
L to R: Me, Dad, & Jac
I was lucky enough to have a man who was very serious about providing as a father. He worked his tail off the ensure that his daughters could participate in just about anything they set their hearts to. Horseback riding, diving, gymnastics, dance, piano, etc. Just about any professional lesson a child could have I think we did (by our own volition). I can't even tell you the number of games we played or the number of sports events of ours he attended. Consistently on hot summer nights after a softball game when I asked if we could have a pool party at the last minute he would throw it together. So many memories were made at our first house that involved our dad running around with us during my young, impressionable years. I even have faint memories of camping in the yard one night in this little shotty rectangular prism-y screen tent thing. I must not have been much older than 6ish. 

So happy father's day to a dad who made sure his daughters always had opportunities to pursue their dreams and who would drop everything at a moment's notice to accommodate his last-minute daughter's desires for a pool party. I truly appreciate the life you built for me and the avenues I was able to explore because of you.

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