Saturday, June 18, 2011

indian's social suite

I was invited to attend the Cleveland Indian's Social Suite tonight for the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. I brought my dad along as my +1 for Father's Day (and because he is a native Pennsylvanian and this game would be win/win for him regardless of the outcome).

The Indians really did a decent job of accommodating social media users in an effort to build their collective "oomph" and revive the passion in Cleveland sports fans. I think this was the most packed I saw the stadium in a long time of attending a game. Other organizations could take notes from the Indians management.

I think my favorite part of the social suite was the private bathroom. Public bathrooms (especially at very large events such as a sports game) creep me out. My least favorite part was paying $4 for a small Diet Dr. Pepper, which was necessary to wash down my $3.50 slice of pepperoni pizza:
In the process of using social media in the suite (@daniellefilipko), I inadvertently introduced my dad to twitpic. I'm sorry, world.
I'm also sorry for my shiny, shiny face. Don't hate. But check me out sans the 25 pounds I lost on Weight Watchers!

There was some drama in the park tonight. 1 play that was clearly a home run but the Pirates argued it. The 2nd was an ambiguous homer that the umps said wasn't (the batter later stole home on a pop out for vindication). Tribe fans were clearly not pleased.
As I publish this we are at 5-1 in the top of the 8th, so I feel it safe to call it and say we won. I'll probably eat my words though.
My buddy, Slider, walks the dangerously thin line between adorable nerdiness and freakish clown-like resemblance. Tonight I decided he was adorable. But probably only because he was safely walking two stories below me.

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