Sunday, June 12, 2011

the land of the giant milkshake

If you couldn't tell by the picture, Jon and I spent 6 days in Toronto. Monday through 3 pm on Thursday I spent the majority of my days at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I felt awful for abandoning Jon during those days, but he was a total sport and it helped that he knew going into it what to expect. I'll inter-splice this verbal update with pictorial highlights.
Chocolate milkshakes as big as a newborn child.
However, for the most part, evenings were all ours and we spent our time exploring and attempting to find delish places to eat (although based on the ratings of the restaurants we tried we came to the conclusion that Canadians don't know what tastes good).
Tea and coffee at a little art gallery slash crepe restaurant. 

We fell in love with this church.
On Friday we spent the majority of our day at Eaton Centre. The typical touristy thing to do, but we like to window shop. Don't hate. Friday night Jon treated me to a super fancy dinner at the hotel restaurant where we indulged in asparagus soup, various cuts of beef (short rib, ribeye, and sirloin), and the most delicious chocolate souffle I think has ever been created. It was lovely.
Such a lovely city, so clean.

I'd hate to be that guy.
Saturday morning we made a brief trek to take some photos of the CN Tower for my dad and headed home (not without detours to the Niagra Falls Outlets and IKEA). It was a great trip but we're definitely home-bodies and therefore were very much looking forward to sleeping in our own bed and preparing our own meals. We're about to head out to retrieve our babe and I couldn't be happier - this must be what it feels like to empty nest.
We ate lunch in this park a few times.

Okay, now THIS was delicious. Far Coast breakfast.

You can't really tell in this pic, but their squirrels had brown tails and black bodies. Like a Reese's cup.

This guy chowed down next to a statue. How refined.

1 of 3 pictures of him from the entire trip.

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