Thursday, June 2, 2011

loving the tread on trafficking

For those of you just joining us, Jon and I are participating in Love146's Tread on Trafficking. We made it our personal goal to ride our bikes a combined total of 500 miles during the months of May and June.

I've not been nearly as diligent as Jon, but today I grabbed the bull by the horns and went out for a solo ride. I explored our 'hood and felt pretty darn good in the process.

Our mileage to date? 284.

We also made it our goal to raise $2000 to help fight the trafficking of children. Our funds to date? $360.

We're more than halfway to our mileage goal but not even 20% to our fundraising goal. Would you please consider skipping your weekly (or daily) cup of Starbucks and donating to this wonderful cause? You can do so by clicking here. Not only will we appreciate it, but much more importantly, the children whose lives you will be impacting will more than likely be the most grateful children alive. Help us give a voice to children who can't have one.

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