Monday, June 13, 2011

the mother-in-law

This post will be dedicated to my mother-in-law... one of the worst mother-in-laws a girl could imagine!

.......I JEST! I absolutely adore my mother-in-law (MIL) and I continuously wonder how I got so lucky to not only have such incredible parents of my own, but to have inherited such wonderful parents-in-law. Both of my in-laws are so kind and loving and generous and have blessed Jon and I in such unbelievable ways. After all, I wouldn't have the husband I do if it hadn't been for how they raised him. So for that I will be eternally grateful.

All mush aside, last night we went to the in-laws for dinner because my MIL had just received her Associate's Degree from the University of Phoenix. This was a long time coming and such a journey for her--after working her way up majorly in her company she came to the conclusion that she wanted more. She knew that to get there she would need to go back to school and get her degree. So she's been working her tail off for the last few years (in addition to putting in insane hours at work) and pulling off enviable grades in the process. And she did it (she will probably yell at me for putting her picture online):

It was so wonderful to see the joy on her face because she realized what she accomplished and she was proud of what she did. So many people (myself included) take education for granted, but she didn't. She appreciated every part of the system. The highlight was the fact that she kept crying. In a good way!

She cried when she saw us as she came in the door. She cried when she presented a carnation to my FIL (they were given carnations at commencement and told to give it to the person who helped them the most). She cried when she said grace, when she read the cards she was given. It was both beautiful and comical - I even told her that when Jon and I have our first child I expect a similar emotional response. She set the bar high for herself!

All joking aside, we are so proud. She worked so hard and I can't think of someone who deserved that degree more.

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