Thursday, June 23, 2011

the night of the kitty

The title probably sounds borderline inappropriate. I pinky swear this post is not. Unless you have an aversion to cats and/or letting your pets sleep on your bed with you.

I went to bed last night anticipating a glorious slumber because Jon and I took a 15-mile ride along the towpath yesterday and I was wiped.

Both Marsala and my body had other plans. I tossed and turned the duration of the night. At one point I was sleeping on my left side and I felt Marsala scale my right side and plop down for her own slumber. It probably looked like a weird circus balancing act, but I was too tired to open my eyes and evaluate how she pulled that off.
In Chicago, Marsala would walk on a leash outside.
At another point in the night she must have left and Jon stirred from his sleep. I felt him moving towards me (thus stirring me from my sleep and apparently Marsala from hers) to cuddle me. Marsala apparently thought that was a glorious idea and made her way over to me (still on my left side). She plopped her little booty down next to my stomach and spread her upper half across my right side, thus blocking Jon's cuddling advances. I felt him quickly retreat, too tired to put up a fight against a loud baby.
She also chose to sleep on my printer.
This morning, within seconds of my alarm ringing, Marsala was up on the bed. She crawled onto my chest and plopped down, her face facing mine. She cuddled me into a state of [relative] alertness, and despite a restless night, gave me a glorious start to my day with her sweetness.
And when traveling home from Chicago, she chose to sleep on her carrier.

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