Friday, June 17, 2011

when life gives you crumbly cake...

...turn it into cake balls.

We're having Heather, Paul, & Lillian over for dinner tonight. I decided to make a chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting for dessert.

But then this happened.
And then I cried and moped about my wretched life. Then, the epiphany. Mix in the frosting with the crumbled cake until you can form it into a ball.
 Then dip in chocolate after a few minutes in the freezer. Wait, we don't have a double boiler. Let's make one!
While you wait for the white chocolate chips to melt, allow your kids (in my case, Jon) to lick the bowl. No, not that bowl. This bowl:
Okay, back to the double boiler. When that brilliant plan doesn't work out and you fail, try & try again. Or, send your husband out to the store to buy this:

So that you get this as an end result:
 In the meantime, check that your slow cooker bbq chicken (the recipe you adore) is doing well.
Superb! It is. Pull it for sandwiches.
You should probably start on those potatoes. Combine all of the following ingredients with red skinned potatoes and olive oil:
Until they look like this:
Then bake at 350 for about an hour. 

Here's to hoping the rest of the night is less eventful than my near dessert disaster.

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