Sunday, July 10, 2011

anti-guacamole and bad cats

mentioned that Jon is anti-onion. He is also anti-tomato. However, he is a big advocate of avocado (I think it comes with the territory of being half Puerto Rican). 
Given these constraints, I was forced to find (and then perfect) a recipe for guacamole that would make us both happy. I initially found a recipe for an avocado spread for sandwiches. This was our jumping off point about two years ago.

It has evolved into a recipe that includes avocados, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, lime juice, cilantro, and a hint of jalapeno hot sauce. I just mix, add, and mix until Jon gives his approval. It's always a hit with him. I don't necessarily classify it as 'guac' though. It's kind of anti-guac.

While Jon was at work yesterday I heard a crash in the kitchen. This is what I found:
The crash was her jumping up where our dishes were drying, thus knocking a cup onto the floor. I love her blatant disregard of my presence. I'm not much of an enforcer though, so I don't entirely blame her. Also, I loathe the way my voice sounds on video.

Those chives lived on our balcony at our first apartment. They endured a waterless summer and a particularly fierce Ohio winter. They appeared entirely dead when we moved but we brought them inside anyway. I'm pretty sure that beanstalk is a tower of basil (our basil pot failed to survive the winter), but I'm too lazy to tear a leaf off and smell it to confirm.

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