Friday, July 22, 2011

the bra welt

In my last post I mentioned there being a story behind the bra that I had line drying in my kitchen. Brace yourselves because this is a bit of a doozie.

A while back I found the cutest tank top-type shirt on sale at Banana Republic for $9. Actually, to me the top is kind of weird but Jon said it looked "amazing" on me and demanded I purchase it. Well, of course the straps are awkward so I needed to buy a special bra to wear with the shirt so that I don't look trashy.

Enter Soma Intimates. I had never been there/heard of it so we checked it out. The sales girl helped me find the perfect bra (well, I felt more or less backed into a corner and I'm not one to say "no") and my $9 shirt turned into a $55 bra plus a $9 shirt.

The bra largely sat unworn in my drawer for the better part of a month. I did wear it once but only for an hour or so. This past weekend was my future sister-in-law's bridal shower so I decided to wear the bra to that. I ended up wearing it for most of the day and when I got home and took it off it almost felt like a piece of my skin got pulled. It hurt when I sat down on the couch but I just figured it had been on too tight and would feel fine later.

Jon got home from work about two hours later. It didn't take long for him to notice that I had welts on my back. WELTS.
Try as you might, boys, but you will see no boob here. Jon made sure of it. Sorry.
You see, the bra is a convertible bra and so they placed (what I later found out to be) some water-based silicone rubber along the back of it in order to prevent it from slipping down when worn strapless. I've been known to have very sensitive skin and very odd allergies (nickel, latex, the sun) so I'm just going to assume I had a reaction to it. One long phone call and a trip to Soma later, they were extremely helpful and let me return it (which I ended up exchanging for some much-needed underwear and a much cheaper bra). So what could have been a nightmare turned into a pleasant shopping experience with a very helpful employee. The end.

...Okay so that story kinda sucked. I'm sorry. But at least it's Friday!


  1. Ouch! I hope that cleared up right away!

  2. Thanks! The welts are all but a faint memory now :)

  3. I have exact same thing, with bra from Soma. Thanks for advice

  4. That's why i used wonderbra bra. The most comfortable bras I've ever worn. It doesn't fit me the best, however the straps don't dig into my shoulders and it doesn't squeeze my ribcage. I might need a little smaller size, either in the cup or band (I ordered a 34C), so I may try a 34B or a 32D.
    This is a great first bra for me by Lilyette, I can't wait to give other styles a try. I would recommended discounted wonderbra bras

  5. Such awesome tips!!! Very helpful !!

  6. How long did it take the welt to go down? Any tips? My friend just got one the morning of her wedding

  7. I honestly don't remember - I think just a few days. It got itchy so I put hydrocortisone cream on it and tried not to itch it. I'm sorry for your friend!

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