Wednesday, July 27, 2011

la familia

On Sunday we journeyed out to Youngstown (or as Jon's Puerto Rican grandma pronounces, and me too by default now, "Joungstown") to visit with Jon's aunt (Titi, if you will) and his cousins.

We were spoiled rotten with plantain chips, burgers, etc., not to mention some much needed quality time with that side of the family. I stole the following pictures from Titi:

2/3 of the flower girls from our wedding with the cutest watermelon I've ever seen.

It was REALLY sunny on the deck. Hence squinty eyes.
I really wish Youngstown was closer, but since we moved it's probably only a 45 minute drive. Methinks we'll have to venture that way more often... especially since I know I will likely receive a plantain chip doggie bag for the ride home we have ridiculous amounts of fun when we're with these people.

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