Thursday, July 28, 2011

lazy [wo]man's fried rice

A few days ago one of my coworkers brought Chinese food into our office for lunch. One whiff and I knew that I simply must have some or serious bodily harm was imminent.

The only problem is that Jon's car needs new tires, we just paid the leftover balance on Jon's tuition that isn't covered by loans, and I need to buy a $225 parking pass for the fall semester. Translation: we're broke and I simply cannot justify buying restaurant food right now.

So I rushed home to see what we had in our cupboards and I concocted my own version of chicken fried rice. The results were so delicious that we devoured it within 24 hours and decided it would be a good recipe to make again (and share with my lovely readers!).

Before you start, cook a batch of white rice. I used 2 cups rice+4 cups water.
Next, cut up whatever you have in your fridge.
This is a good place to explain why the recipe is lazy. I used rotisserie chicken that we had in the fridge to turn this into chicken fried rice. It was so simple and so delicious. It shortened the clean/cook time of this recipe significantly.
Add oil (I used peanut, but sesame would be great too), jalapenos, and rice to a frying pan. 
After a few minutes, add raw ingredients (carrots in my case).
Add more ingredients. We had corn and frozen baby peas burning a hole in our fridge.
Add the rest of your ingredients. In this case it was bok choy and chicken.
Add soy sauce, stir fry sauce, and ginger powder to taste.
These are the stars of the show tonight.
The end result is delicious.
Now you just need to wait 15 minutes for your husband gets off of work to indulge.
The first time I made this, Jon had cooked the rice before I got home from work. I had never made rice before, so apparently I overestimated the recipe. That basically just means that we'll be eating chicken fried rice for breakfast, lunch & dinner the next week or so.

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