Wednesday, July 13, 2011

on growing up (part deux)

I talked slightly about how friendships change as you get older. As an advocate of all things anti-change, growing up hasn't always sat well with me.

A few weeks ago we went to lunch with two of our friends. After we left Jon and I were talking about how nice it was to go out to eat with friends and I remarked that I couldn't remember the last time we did that. We reminisced about how one of the ways we got to know one another was over half price appetizers at Applebee's with a huge group of our friends. Then Jon said the words I had never thought about, nonetheless believed could ever be true:

"We don't even stay up late enough for half price appetizers anymore." *Gulp*. 

Do you people know what time half price appetizers hit?? 10. One-zero. (Courtney and Mike have since informed us that there is an 'old people' version of half price appetizers M-F from 3-6 pm. Win!) We are in bed by that time.

Then I started thinking about the good ole days. On Mondays we would all go to a local coffeehouse for open mic night then hit up the 'Bees for appetizers. We were just a group of friends, not a care in the world. 3-4 years later half of us are married, a quarter are engaged or in a serious relationship, and several have kids. We rarely talk during the week, let alone see each other as a group and catch up. I don't like it. But I guess it comes with the getting older territory.

I also used to go to shows at least twice a month when I was younger. Music has always held a very special place in my heart and there is a certain rush in seeing a band you adore playing live. The last big show I went to? I can't remember. I think it was a We the Kings show in '08 with Jon in Chicago. I'm slightly making up for this in a week and a half when I go to see Taking Back Sunday with my good friend, but I can neither afford nor do I have the time to do this on a monthly basis. I prefer organizing and staying in rather than shopping. York Peppermint Patties are a sufficient substitute for an ice cream shop sundae. [Insert hashtag about being older beyond my years here.]

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