Saturday, August 20, 2011

art project

One of my besties, Alli, suggested I check out the blog Young House Love.

I did, and I was a combination of hooked and inspired. After carousing through their archives and miscellaneous projects, I stumbled across the cutest decoration ever. They use it as a baby mobile but I think it would look awesome in our bedroom. So today I printed off a Hobby Lobby coupon and a Michaels coupon and headed out on a mission.

Apparently I'm not so good at being okay with making non-symmetrical things. If I were to buy what they made, it would be a-okay. But not making it. Case in point:

Halfway done

Almost finished!

RIP flower stems

Finished product

It's only so-so to me.
I think sometime over the next week I'm going to pull off a bunch of those and re-use them to make the remaining 2 orbs. I'm just not knocked out by how it looks right now.

Redoing part of it worries me because my index finger didn't fare so well when using the Exacto knife for the first attempt. I tried to take a picture of my battle scars but without the flash it's blurry and with the flash my pasty skin glows and all you see is washout. In other news, here's an update on that burn:

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