Friday, August 12, 2011

babes & amish country

Last night we got to babysit sweet little Lillian. As always, I took video and pictures of our time together. My favourites are:

She was so sweet but she definitely gave me a run for my money. Our time reminded me how nice it is to not be responsible for another human's life and how I should treasure these moments with Jon where our family is just a twosome.

Today I took a vacation day from work to go to Malone with Jon to pick up his ID, books, and parking pass.  Afterwards, we headed down to Amish country with our friends Mike & Courtney for some shopping and lunch at Der Dutchman. I'm a huge fan of Amish country because you cannot beat their prices on things such as spices, flour, food coloring, etc., and their canned jams, jellies, and butters are award-worthy. Some of my favorite purchases from the day:
This candy is the best candy I've EVER tasted.

We bought that pasta sauce on our last visit and had to get another jar.
In all, this is what we came home with:
Not pictured: bison steaks and fresh bacon
It was great being able to catch up with Mike and Court. Der Dutchman was delicious as always (two words: pie sampler). I came home excited about our purchases (and waiting for autumn) and I was so glad that I got to spend a full day with my man.

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