Sunday, August 28, 2011

the last weekend

It's been a great "last weekend" before classes start tomorrow. We've gotten a lot accomplished and we've been able to spend time with friends that we haven't seen for far too long. But before I get into it, I'd like to mention the fact that I think Marsala believes she's some type of egg-laying cat. She loves aluminum foil balls and will often lay with them under her belly. Well, the other day she decided my cell phone was her egg:
Do you see it peeking out from under her right side?
Okay, now for the weekend:

Friday after work I stopped in to surprise one of my dearest friends, Rebecca. She's been away from home for about a year and a half but now she's back! I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to spend countless hours in her presence. Then we got to babysit this sweet babe again!:
Jon also spent a fair amount of time trying to teach Lillian how to crawl. It was comical to see him scooting across the carpet. I think Lillian found it comical, too.

Saturday we helped my brother-in-law move. I mentioned he's getting married so this was the first step to establish their first place together. After the move we went to hang out with Rebecca and her family briefly, but then we had to run to the store to buy our friend Cameron's birthday present. After procuring his gift, I realized we were right next to Sandwich Delites, one of the greatest sub places in the greater Cleveland area. We chowed down and headed over to Cameron's birthday party. It was a really fun night filled with great food and even better company.

Today has been our prep day for this week. I've portioned and Ziploc-ed servings of carrots, cucumbers, and grapes. There is a farmhouse ham and vegetable chowder in the crock pot. Our dinner (steak and chicken) include extra portions to carry us over the rest of the week. I've done copious amounts of cleaning, organizing, and laundry. Well, trying to do laundry considering this is what happened within 30 seconds of me putting the basket on the floor:

What did you do this weekend?

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