Wednesday, August 3, 2011

steak and a bow tie

Jon has had the past 2 days off of work which translates to me being able to spend time with Jon when I get home from work.

The rain let up for the perfect amount of time for us to grill steaks that Jon's dad had brought over a few weeks ago. Jon wanted steak salad. I wanted steak with a side of salad.

After dinner we headed over to Mary Coyle's for ice cream. The Highland Square farmer's market was going on so we putzed around, followed by a stop in this cute mod/retro resale store called Revival. Jon walked away with a wool long tie and a diamond-tip bow tie. Needless to say he was quite pleased with himself. I saw this cute owl necklace that I hinted would be a lovely 23rd birthday present. Due to my love of rainy weather I deem today all-around perfect.

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