Sunday, September 25, 2011

the chair

The blog Young House Love inspired me to refinish a chair Jon's parents donated to us from their basement. We got the chair a few months back and the process to get the desired end product has been arduous. It involved couponing, commissioning my mom to shimmy a slipcover of sorts for the cushions and my dad to let us use his power sander, and a fight with stain. So without further adieu, the process:


After we sanded it

After the first coat of stain

Let me just say I am no professional at staining. There are several obvious drips. I was supposed to do two coats but I think that might make things worse. Now, before I do the "big reveal" I just wanted to let you know what a sacrifice it was for the baby to let us refinish her chair. This is the only chair she consistently sleeps on. By the time the stain was going on I could tell she was fed up:
Do you see the angst in those eyes?
And now, for the end product:
Not gonna lie.. so proud of this
A big thanks to Jon's parents for donating the chair to us, my mom for shimmying us some covers for the cushions, and my dad for lending us the power sander! If anyone is interested in the approximate costs of this project:

-chair: free
-power sander: borrowed / free
-fabric: (3 yards, total overkill) $19.66 at Joann Fabrics - used a 40% off coupon on top of a fabric already discounted 45%... plus my mom said she will fashion us a few pillows for the chair of the remaining fabric
-stain, stain brush, etc: about $15 from Walmart

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