Sunday, September 18, 2011

the wedding

This weekend was hectic because my brother-in-law got married yesterday! I'd be lying if I said yesterday was a breeze, but having woken up at 4:30 on my own yesterday and failing to fall back asleep made the day very long and tiresome.

Rewind to Friday for the rehearsal. It was a good time spent with some family and friends. And Jon and I got some quality Heather/Paul/Lillian time in:
Okay, back to yesterday. Jon and I had a blast dancing our booties off with friends and family alike. We made some new friends, got to know some acquaintances much better, and are looking forward to seeing where various relationships head in the coming months.
We just wanted to wish [another] big congratulations to Marc & Kelly! Your day was beautiful and we're really glad you two found each other.

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