Monday, October 10, 2011

baby peppers

We had my father-, brother-, and sister-in-law over on Saturday night for dinner before we headed over to the Akron Zips men's soccer game. FIL brought a pasta pack, salad, croissants, pepperoni bread, and autumnal mini muffins. Jon and I made pizza. While I was cutting the red bell pepper for the pizza, I made an odd discovery:
 And then another:

 And then another!:
The bell pepper had 3 baby green-coloured peppers in it. Too cute. Dinner was amazing and the Zips won 2-0. It was a great night!

Sunday was the 23rd anniversary of the day I decided I was ready to come into the world, so Jon made me blue velvet pancakes for breakfast. In case you were wondering, a blue velvet pancake is the same as a red velvet (like the cake) pancake but blue... because somebody only had blue food coloring stocked in the apartment. My b. The results were delish:

The only downside to the whole situation was Jon's poor hands:
After breakfast we ran to Joann's so Jon could buy some fabric on sale for future bow ties. Then he had to run to work so Rebecca came over and took me to lunch at Chipotle where we gorged ourselves, but it was totally worth it. After Chipotle we headed over to the mall because I wanted to use birthday money to buy some really good face wash and toner from Sephora because my skin has been in dire need of something decent. I walked away with some promising items, so I'm hoping to get the results I want. Rebecca also insisted on getting a picture of me and Jon on my birthday:
See that shine? Motivation for Sephora trip.

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