Friday, October 28, 2011

black friday is our religion

In high school I worked at coffee shops. First it was Starbucks, then it was Caribou. As such, my early adult years were spent waking up before the sun to serve coffee to the crazies that waited in line in sub-arctic temperatures for a good steal on Black Friday. I remember driving to Starbucks at 3 am and looking at the other cars on the road and saying, "YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY" out loud.

That same year my manager sent me outside to give free coffee to the crazies (it was a Target Starbucks, I might add). Among the crazies I served coffee to were my cousin and big sister. Of course.

Well, once I went off to college I decided to get in on their Black Friday tradition. It was 2007 and my sister was in dire need of a laptop. We opted to camp out at Best Buy overnight. We got in line around 6 pm ON THANKSGIVING. Outrageous. After standing outside for nearly 9 hours in freezing temperatures, I walked away with a vacuum cleaner. A VACUUM, PEOPLE. This was the only year either of us actually needed something worth not going to bed/waiting in line in freezing rain for four hours for, but that hasn't stopped us from going annually since then.

Jerry, me, Alli, Jacqui - 2007
The following year it was just big sister and me because Jerry had joined the Marines and couldn't make it home. Sadly, this year escaped pictures. We went to Kohl's and Target. I got sheets. I think.

In 2009 I wanted luggage and Pyrex. This year Jerry went off to Afghanistan for his first tour of duty. He was greatly missed, but since we grabbed his little brother, Brad, it helped a bit.

This would be at 2 am. - 2009
In 2010 we recruited Jon. I'm telling you: Black Friday is all about family in our house.

2:30 am. - 2010
Did I mention that 2010 was Jon's first last Black Friday ever? He's just not built for this level of crazy. Jerry was with us this year--he took this picture.

Does this post seem premature given we aren't even out of October yet? Not by Flip standards, especially given I've been hankering to put up our Christmas tree for the past week and a half. The kids in my family start the BF countdown early. We have to start drafting up our game plan. Sadly Jerry will not be with us this year--he's currently serving his second tour in Afghanistan. He will be with us in spirit, though!

Happy 29-days-til-Black-Friday!

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  1. This may be my first year of NOT really needing anything that is hundreds of dollars less than normal. May be a last minute decision to join the "crazies."