Sunday, October 16, 2011


Jon and I lived in Chicago for three years--I completed undergrad there and he interned at a recording studio / worked at Guitar Center. We still have several friends there, as well as a serious food crush on that city.

Pause: food to me is better than shoes, purses, or clothes. In fact, I tend to hate shopping for the aforementioned items. I can get items from 4 different stores in the mall and be in and out in under 25 minutes. Put me in a grocery store, however, and I will be in food-induced heaven for the next two hours. Unpause.

We left Friday right after work (me) and school (Jon). We got in around 9:15 after an hourish delay caused by a stupid truck on the Indiana turnpike that failed to secure his heavy pipe load and they fell all over the place. Then we met up with some friends to hang out:

After a night much past our bedtime, we crashed at our darling friend, Kaycee's, apartment (see: the only girl above that isn't me). The next morning we headed up north to browse some of our favorite stores. At lunch we rushed to meet up with Jon's small group (not pictured) for lunch. After some confusion (two restaurants named Cafe con Leche on the same. street. is inevitably confusing) we made it there! It was delish Cuban food and even better company. We were so glad we got to see them this trip. Post-lunch we headed out to wander the city again and to get cupcakes from Molly's Cupcakes:
Jon got a Nutella-filled cupcake, I had a cake batter-filled cupcake. Nom!
We also eventually met up with a friend, Lam, for coffee. We made it back to campus around 7 pm to get our car and head over to Treasure Island for their famous chicken salsa--it sounds awful but I promise you it is the most glorious thing you will EVER taste. After procuring said salsa, we headed to my favourite restaurant ever, Marcello's:
BBQ chicken, asparagus, twice baked potato, chicken/garlic deep dish, and an olio/artichoke hearts/spinach thin crust to take home
We got back to Kaycee's around 10 and crashed hard. The next morning we packed up to leave. When we laid on the air mattress to drain it, the fitted sheet attacked me:
After packing up, we headed to Jon's favourite restaurant in Chicago called Stella's Diner for breakfast:
Do you see Jon's hands ready to go?
Jon got Country Style Eggs Benedict, and I got something called the West Coaster--avocado, hash browns, cheese, and eggs. It was an incredible way to end our trip. Chicago is always going to be one of our favourite cities, and I know we'll be back within another year.
At night

During the day
Mad props to Kaycee for loaning us her living room floor!!

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